October Haul

Between trying to finish some books as well as waiting on my last package to arrive, it’s been a little longer than I wanted to write a new post. Well, the package came and although I didn’t finish a book I was trying to have done by the end of the month, I did get most of it finished. I actually managed to read a total of 6 books! Last time I read that much in a month it was all novellas so I’m very pleased with myself. Starting to listen to audiobooks has definitely helped up the number because I can listen while I’m doing chores and traveling. I have a decent haul this time. I got 11 books this month. That’s a lot more than usual but I’m excited about all of them. I will split everything up based on where I got them.


I have been wanting to read this for a while now after hearing about it from BooksandLaLa and when I saw it at the store on sale I just had to pick it up. It’s a collection of three short holiday romances as the title states. I’m holding off on reading this I still December because I don’t own many wintery types of books and this will be great for then.

Coffee and a Classic

I receive a wonderful classic book along with some goodies every month in my subscription box of Coffee and a Classic. It has been a wonderful way to increase my classics collection, cute bookmarks, coffee mugs, and other fun items. This month, like all the ones before, I kept with the classic fiction option which was this. I read this many years ago but do not remember much about it so I will be doing a reread at some point.

Book of the Month Club

To be completely honest, I don’t know much about this book other than it has magical realism and I knew who the author was. Also, the cover made me laugh so that gives me promise that I’ll enjoy the book when I read it. I’ve heard good things about Kevin Wilson and a book titled Nothing to See Here makes me think that there is definitely something to see but Someone doesn’t want you to see it.

This looked like a great read for October which is why I added it to my order. Unfortunately I never got around to reading it so I’ll have to fit it in elsewhere. It is about a woman’s infant twin sons being switch with some creatures , at least that what she believes, and her trying to find her real babies. Possible changelings and a mystery? That had me hooked.

I’ve been wanting to read more essays and diversity so I thought this was a good addition. The fact that it’s a thin book helps too. This collection covers race, beauty, money, and other social issues in a witty and humorous way. It was also compared to Roxane Gay so naturally I grabbed it

Book Outlet

Before I list this haul I just have to say that this has quickly become my favorite place to get books. They have a huge selection to choose from and sometimes I can find a cover for a book I’ve been wanting but not able to find anywhere else like UK editions. The books are much cheaper than just about any other place I can get books and occasionally you can get a nice surprise of it being a signed addition. US shipping is a flat rate of only $5 and if your transaction is $35+ the shipping is free.

First off just look at how beautiful this cover is. I love it. I’ve wanted to try getting into some more middle grade books and this sounded like a good one to get me started. I have a hunch that I’m going to get all the feels from this one in a rollercoaster effect. Girl has a dream, has to put on hold to help family, then has to work for corrupt landlord to pay family debt, then has to figure out a way to work with people to stop his cruel ways so she can hopefully get back on track for her dream. I think I’m going to read this in December as well only because I already created my TBR for November and I don’t know if I can finish them and this.

A book written by Mulder from the X-Files? Heck yes! Cute animal on cover? Double yes! Wait, the main character is the cow? Oh yeah this is on my November TBR for sure. I don’t read enough books that make me laugh and this seems like it’ll do the trick.

I’ve also been wanting to read more books that cover mental health. I feel it is a subject that frequently gets overlooked and more people need to learn about it in a safe place such as a book. I heard about this from BooksandLaLa and Hailey in Bookland so I really wanted to read this.

Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice really don’t need any introduction. They are true classics in every sense of the word. I didn’t own a copy of Sense and Sensibility other than in my Complete Novels of Jane Austen collection and the copy of Pride and Prejudice I had looked like a cheap 80s novel. When I saw these editions I had to have them. They’re beautiful, feel nice in my hands, are imitation leather bound, and come with a built in ribbon bookmark. What more could a girl ask for?

Pretty much everyone in the book community has been talking about Marie Lu and Warcross. Finding this copy of it made my day and I will be reading it in November. The description reminds me a lot of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline which I loved. The movie was good in its own right but I got a much better understanding and connection of the characters and world in the book. I haven’t even read Warcross yet and I can already tell that it would make for a great movie so I hope that happens.

I don’t really have much of lighthearted contemporary novels and it’s a shame. They’re such easy and fun reads that I enjoy. Why don’t I own more books like this? The series sounds wonderful so naturally I have to read the first one before getting the others. This is also another diverse book so I think I’m doing good this month of picking some up and broadening my reading.

And there you have it. Wow that was a lot. But I’m so happy with my choices and can’t wait to get into all of them. If you’ve read these, which were your faves? Which do you hope to read?

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