P. S. I Like You Review

P. S. I Like You is a light-hearted, YA Contemporary Romance by Kasie West and was published in July of 2016 by Point. It follows Lily who, after writing some song lyrics on her chemistry dest, finds that someone added to it. Not long after, this anonymous person and her start exchanging letters under the seat sharing secrets, bands, and opening up to one another. She finds she is falling for her pen pal, she tries to figure out who it is while also dealing with school, friends, a crush, and a crazy home life.

When I first finished this I gave it 4 starts but after a few days I had to change it to 3. It was a nice story, easy to get through, somewhat relatable characters, but after some time to think about it it is just too simple and the main characters were a bit annoying. Maybe I would’ve enjoyed this more if I had read it when I was a teenager but as an adult I can’t help to find certain things that younger me would’ve loved and found sweet to just be annoying. It was also a bit too cliche the majority of the time and some of the characters that I would have loved to hear more about and see more of felt like they were only place holders to make the story longer and to show more of the same attitude from the main character.

I would like to try another Kasie West book in the future because so many people tend to enjoy her work and many have said that this is their least favorite of all of her works. Here’s hoping the others are better because I do want some nice and fluffy contemporary romance to read but at the same time don’t want to feel like I need to be 13 in order to love the book.

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