Blogmas Day#1 November Book Haul

Happy December! Wow, we’re almost finished with the year. I’m going to be trying Blogmas out so lets see how I do. Starting the month off with my November book haul.

Normally I only acquire 2-4 books in a month because of my subscription boxes. This month however is quite out of the norm. I got 32 books this month. Yes you read that right. 32! Who am I? 27 of them came from my library’s book sale early on in the month. They had a special sale going where you could fill a box or tote bag for only $1. Naturally, I made sure to go there on my day off to see what they had. I was thinking at most I would find maybe 10 books that I would be interested in. I ended up filling my bag to the brim, multiple times rearranging the books in my bag to make more fit. Libraries are great and I think I’ll go again next year when they do it. 3 books came from my Book of the Month Club box, 1 from Coffee and a Classic, and I had 1 pre-order arrive.

Because I have so many books this time, I will not go into a full synopsis of everything or else this post would take all day to read. So I’ll just give a picture with the Goodreads link.

Library Sale

Book of the Month Club

Coffee and a Classic



So that’s my massive haul for November. Have you read or plan on reading any of these? Let me know.

Stay Spicy

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