Bookish Naughty or Night Tag

I first saw this from Caffeinated Fae and it come from Jennily. This tag looked like so much fun that I had to do it.

1) Received an ARC and did not review it. ✔️

I currently have 2 physical ARCs that I won in giveaways and a bunch of eARCs through NetGalley that I still need to get through so… yea I need to fix this ASAP.

2) Have less than 60% feedback on NetGalley. ✔️

I think I’m currently at only an 8% because I got approached for way more books than I thought I would and just haven’t gotten around to reading all of them yet. I have started to slowly work on it while trying to take care of my physical books.

3) Rated a book on Goodreads and promised a full review was to come on your blog (and never did).

I can honestly say I’ve never done this. I either have a review on both or just Goodreads without the promise of one on my blog.

4) Folded down the pages of a book.

What sort of evil creature does this? Use a bookmark of some sort. Even if it’s just a receipt. When I get a used book and see a page like that I do everything I can to try and make it look almost normal again. I really hate that.

5) Accidentally spilled on a book.

Nope. I make sure someone has actually read it before I start talking about it. And when I talk about a book online I only mention things from the very big inning of the book that don’t have much impact or is part of the synopsis.

6) DNFd a book this year. ✔️

Yeah that would be The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Could not get into it at all and I gave it a good 250 pages. I don’t see what so many people love about it.

7) Bought a book purely because it was pretty with no intention of reading it.

I’ve bought books because they were pretty, but never with the intent of not reading them. I’ve also bought prettier versions of books I already owned to replace less appealing ones.

8) Read whilst you were meant to be doing something else. ✔️

Hasn’t every book work done this?

9) Skim read a book.✔️

Only a couple of times when I started to not like the book anymore and felt I was going to DNF it.

10) completely missed your Goodreads goal. ✔️

This is actually the first year I’ve met my goal and surpassed it. But there was a year or two when I didn’t even get half way to it.

11) Borrowed a book and not returned it.

Nope. Sometimes I’ve been slow on returning it but I always did.

12) Broke a book buying ban.

I’ve never put myself on a ban. If I want a book and have the money, I get it.

13) Started a review, left it for ages then forgot what the book was about.

I always finish a review when I start it. Sometimes I’ll wait to do a review because I’m not sure how to put things into words and then forget to review it. But never start but not finish it.

14) Wrote in a book.

NEVER!!! Even as a little girl I wouldn’t do this. The only exception was in workbooks which you’re supposed to, but never a book meant for reading.

15) Finished a book and not added it to your Goodreads.

Not since I started Goodreads. There’s books I read as a kid that I haven’t added to Goodreads, but it wasn’t a thing back then and I didn’t have a computer.

16) Borrowed a book and not returned it to a friend.

Isn’t this basically the same question as #11? Look at that answer. It’s the same.

17) Dodged someone asking if they can borrow a book.

Hasn’t happened. I only have 1 friend as into reading as myself and she’s just as careful with books as I am so I have no problem sharing with her.

18) Broke the spine of someone else’s book.

I don’t borrow books from other people so I haven’t done this. Even with library books it hasn’t happened.

19) Took the jacket off a book to protect it but and ended up making it more damaged.

Is this asking to protect the jacket or the book? I read with the jacket on all my books except my copy of Pet Sematary because the copy I bought already had a torn dust jacket.

20) Sat on a book.✔️

Normally it’s one of my smaller books and it gets accidentally covered by the blankets on my bed, then when I go back to sit down I sit on it.

I would say I made the nice list. 7/20 or 35% done. I’d love to know where the rest of you stand on these questions. Let me know if you’ve done this too and what your results were.

Stay spicy

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