February 14-20 Wrap Up

Hello friends. I’m very happy with my reading this week. Thanks to having access to audiobook versions of a couple books I own and wanted to read this month, I was able to finish two books this week. I’ve been trying to be better about reading more diversely and February was a great month to start it with Blackathon happening and it being Black History Month. Obviously I want to read other ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, etc. but I’ve been focussing more on black rep this month.

Get a Life Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert. I loved this book so much and Talia Hibbert did such an amazing job including so many different types of representation. POC, plus size main character, interracial relationship, fibromyalgia, anxiety, OCD, PTSD. Just wow! Chloe is such an amazing character. I love her sassiness and determination to live a life on her own and not live with her family even though she suffers from constant pain which brings other problems for her. She has her flaws but works on them and she is confident in her own skin which I love. Too often we get a plus sized character that just wants to lose weight and hates their body, but not Chloe. Definitely worth all the hype it’s received.

Opposite of Always by Justin A Reynolds. It was a cute story and entertaining. I liked it but it did have some problems that made me not love it. I felt like the characters didn’t really have enough personality and were one dimensional. I think the best part about the book was at the end when Jack is saying how every choice we make, big or small, all have an effect and change what will happen. It reminds you how important what you do really is because life is a ripple effect. One thing said or done makes something else happen to others and trickles down. This philosophical thinking at the end and my intrigue to see how things will change each time he goes back in time is what made me bring it from 3 to 4 stars.

What have you guys thought of these books if you’ve already read them? Are you taking part in Blackathon as well? Let me know.

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