Tigers, Not Daughters Review

I’m trying to start a new habit where I actually review books on here as I read so I both remember to do it as well as not have a crazy long post at the end of the month for everything I’ve read.

Cross my fingers I’m good about sticking with it.

To start this new thing out I’ll be giving my thoughts on Samantha Mabry’s book Tigers, Not Daughters.

Goodreads Synopsis: The Torres sisters dream of escape. Escape from their needy and despotic widowed father, full of old San Antonio families and all the traditions and expectations that go along with them. In the summer after her senior year in high school, Ana, the oldest sister, falls to her death from her bedroom window. A year later, her three younger sisters, Jessica , Iridian, and Rosa, are still consumed by grief and haunted by their sister’s memory. Their dream of leaving Southtown now seems out of reach. But then, strange things start happening around the house: mysterious laughter, mysterious shadows, mysterious writings on the wall. The sisters begin to wonder if Ana really is haunting them, trying to send them a message – and what exactly she’s trying to say.

My Review:

I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange on an honest review.

I had some really high hopes for this book. The premise sounded very interesting, I’ve heard good things about the author’s previous works, plus the cover is amazing. Unfortunately, it turned out a bit flat for me. It definitely had some great moments and the overall writing was decent but it just didn’t live up to my expectations. I loved how short each chapter was which made the reading go by real fast but some of them were just too short. I really would’ve loved getting more from Rosa. She was my favorite. I felt bad for Iridian because she basically kept getting overlooked and her father treated her like shit. Sure, Jessica had to deal with basically becoming the mom for the girls and had the abusive boyfriend, but she felt kind of like a pushover who never did much until the end of the book. I think this had a lot more potential of being amazing but just went too much into stupid and mundane things when it could’ve been better following Rosa more and giving us more of the ghostly aspects with Anna. It says that this is supposed to be the first book in a series and I don’t know if I’ll actually continue or not. I will give the author another chance though maybe with one of her other books to see if I really like the writing style or not.

🌶 🌶 🌶 /5

So this month has started off mildly disappointing but I have hope it’ll only get better.

How has your month starting off on reads? Let me know. And as always, stay spicy 🌶

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